H3C Drives Market Development in Indonesia for Faster Global Coverage

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As industries evolve at an unprecedented speed, the digital economy has played a crucial role in promoting global economic and social development. Seizing the opportunities of the era of digital economy, many countries are actively driving digital transformation.

[Jakarta, Indonesia, October 29, 2019], H3C hosted an Indonesian Partner Event with the theme “Digital Navigation, Smart Future” and announced its formal entry into the Indonesian market. The conference was attended by Gary Huang, SVP of H3C, delegates from the Indonesian government and clients in relevant industries. At the conference, Gary Huang shared H3C’s international business strategy and future development objectives in Indonesia.

Laying a Solid Foundation for Building Digital Infrastructure with Insights into Demand for Transformation

As new-generation information technology continues to develop, the size of Indonesia’s digital economy has steadily expanded. According to forecast from IDC, Indonesia’s ICT spending will exceed USD 30 billion in 2019. By 2022, more than 50% of Indonesian companies will invest in building a “digital native” IT environment and 50% of the national IT spending will be used for investing in third platform technologies including cloud, big data and AI etc., in order to help relevant companies seize the development opportunities of the era of digital economy.

In Indonesia, H3C will take advantage of its total digital infrastructure capabilities in compute, storage, networking, security and related domains, bolstered by its years of industry experience, enabling digital transformation in various industries. In this way, H3C aims to help Indonesia seize the opportunities of digital development and lead a digital economic boom.

Leading Integrated Digital Economy Development through Industry Cooperation

Relying on the “Digital Brain Project” launched at Navigate 2019, H3C aims to pursue its “Inclusive Platform and Borderless Ecology” and “Channel First” strategies to empower partners, giving strong support to key projects and helping customers build their own “Digital Brains” in their respective domains. H3C aspires to help all industries carry out digital transformation based on key capabilities including intelligent connectivity, dynamic convergence, intelligent analytics and decisions.

“H3C values its business development around the world, and Indonesia is a particular priority for us,” said Gary Huang, SVP of H3C. “In the future, we will deepen our role in driving digital transformation in fields including education, government and financial services. At the same time, we will widen the scope of our cooperation and contribute to enhancing Indonesia’s global digital competitiveness through an open and creative cooperation model, as we enter a new stage in the era of digital economy together with our partners.”

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