Foglight Evolve

Foglight Evolve



With Foglight Evolve, you can tackle IT environment complexity, regardless of the complexity of an ever-increasing mix of clouds, hypervisors, and applications. It also helps you keep resource requirements in check, including data storage or infrastructure costs. Furthermore, its optimizing abilities keep users and business stakeholders happy by helping you meet maximum system uptime and performance.
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Foglight® Evolve takes a holistic and proactive approach to hybrid cloud management so you can simplify the complexity of your data center, reduce infrastructure costs, maximize system performance, and predict future costs with more accuracy. Join the evolution in IT system optimization, visualization and cloud migration with Foglight Evolve.


Key benefits

Take control of your environment
Unlock hidden resources
Simplify cloud migration



Foglight Evolve is made up of three products that can work together or individually depending on your specific needs: Foglight® Evolve Monitoring, Foglight® Evolve Operate and Foglight® Evolve Cloud. Depending on which products you use, you can eliminate complexity from your data center, decrease infrastructure costs, boost system performance and/or forecast future costs more accurately.

Foglight Evolve Cloud

Make cloud migration and management simple and predictable. Migrate to the cloud with confidence, knowing how much it’s going to cost and what performance you’ll get now and in the future.

Foglight Evolve Cloud

Foglight Evolve Cloud delivers real-time and historical analytics giving you the monitoring metrics needed to make optimal decisions when it comes to migrating to the cloud and managing cloud platforms, including:


Foglight Evolve Monitor

Take control of your environment. Spend more time on innovation and less time on trying to keep your IT environment alive. Know that your infrastructure performance and uptime are being constantly monitored and optimized.

Foglight Evolve Monitor

What we monitor

VMs – Get unmatched visibility into virtual environments and VM health, including resource utilization.
Physical servers – Experience comprehensive availability monitoring of Windows- and Linux-based physical servers.
Processes – Maximize visibility into VM windows or Linux processes across your entire technology stack.
Citrix & VMware Horizon View – Locate poorly performing user sessions before you hear from frustrated users.
Exchange – Make sure your Microsoft Exchange data is efficient, secure and available.
Utilities – Monitor websites, logs, network devices and Apache environments with full visibility and ease.

Foglight Evolve Operate

Unlock hidden resources. Reallocate compute power and resources you already have to improve performance, save money and avoid downtime. Your budget will go further and you’ll have greater flexibility in IT decision making now and in the future.


Performance optimization – Manage / monitor hybrid cloud and VM environments, diagnose problems and tune real-time performance.

Automation – Undo changes, balance workloads across hosts & clusters, or create / decommission VMs automatically.

Resource utilization – Identify under-used resources, such as compute, storage and licensing, and reclaim those resources.
Trending – Forecast resource requirements for clusters, hosts and workloads — and predict capital expenditures.
VMware and Hyper-V management – Optimize configuration, performance and utilization of storage, hypervisors and virtual machines.
Foglight Evolve Operate