LiteSpeed for SQL Server

LiteSpeed for SQL Server



Get high-speed, storage-efficient backup and restore for SQL Server databases – with up to 85 percent savings in backup size and duration compared to competing solutions. LiteSpeed for SQL Server makes it possible, with minimal effort and risk. Ensure the correct SQL Server data is restored and available as quickly as possible with a wide variety of backup and recovery options. Integrate directly with Microsoft Azure Blob storage and Amazon S3 – as well as ISM TSM – for cloud-based backup and restore with on-premises and virtualized cloud SQL Servers.
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Faster SQL Server backup and restore

Achieve dramatic reductions in SQL Server backup/restore times and storage costs. Choose the best combination of CPU resource utilization and backup storage size reduction for your environment with eight compression levels.

Easier SQL Server management

Save time managing and monitoring your SQL Server backup and recovery. Define, schedule and manage all your backup and recovery jobs from one central location. Develop your backup strategies and deploy them to hundreds of instances and thousands of databases — in minutes.

Streamlined restoration

Restore individual objects and query backup files without a full database restore. Preview and restore table data and object information directly from backup files.

Targeted data and object recovery

Roll back transactions to recover data and objects from operations that adversely affect the database. Inspect transactions on a live database, a backup file or an offline database. Recover dropped or truncated tables, reverse DML and DDL operations, and keep your databases operational without requiring a full restore and extensive downtime.

Improved backup storage and speed

Reduce total backup storage and accelerate backup speed by up to 85 percent compared to competing solutions. LiteSpeed automatically checks backup set integrity to ensure databases can be restored; minimizes differential backup size to improve backup speed, storage and restore time; and properly maintains backup files for retention.

Direct integration

Back up to and restore directly from Microsoft Azure, Google Storage, Amazon S3 and IBM TSM. Avoid the need for local backup disk storage by backing up directly to the cloud for disaster recovery. Compatible with both on-premises and virtual SQL Servers.