The Digital Brain Project Leads the Digital Transformation of H3C

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Data Brief

Fruitful results delivered in 200+ transformation-oriented projects

30%–40% increase in the efficiency of key business lines

30% annual rise in empowered business

Related Products: information security, cloud computing, big data, IoT and AI

Related Solutions: information security, cloud computing, big data, IoT, intelligent connectivity, transportation, manufacturing, the Internet, campus epidemic prevention and control

The digital era entails digital transformation. To make that happen, we need to think about the following questions: How to carry out digital transformation to most effectively promote business growth? What are the phases of digital transformation? Is there any reference model? Are there any successful experience available to learn from? As the leader in digital solutions, H3C can set a model for the industry by implementing digital transformation through the Digital Brain Project.

Driven by technologies such as cloud computing, big data, AI, IoT and blockchain, digital transformation has evolved from the data-driven digital phase featuring fine management to an intelligent phase featuring intelligent decisions and business innovation. Innovative technology promotes digital transformation and has become an important driving force for economic and social development and industrial innovation. Empowered by innovation engines, CIOs have transformed their role as responders to business requirements into innovation advocators.

The Digital Brain Project of H3C mainly includes the smart digital platform that consists of digital infrastructure, business empowerment platform, active security and unified o& m services, as well as the smart application ecosystem jointly built with partners. H3C has dual identity. On the one hand, it generates an array of remarkable successful cases by helping clients digitize across various sectors, such as government, finance, education, medical care and transportation. On the other hand, to accommodate its business, H3C is continuously exploring, practicing and deepening digital transformation based on the Digital Brain Project. In other words, the Digital Brain Plan is the digital transformation that is happening in H3C.

The digital transformation of H3C takes the realization of the five core values (STARS) as its core goal, and is committed to enabling Smart business decisions, ensuring Timely business response, realizing Agile business deployment, facilitating Reliable business operations and creating a Safe business environment, digital technologies have been introduced to reform the operating model, business model, organization structure and enterprise culture. In this way, digital transformation in H3C has entered a new phase featuring business renovation and creativity.

Data-Centered Digital Transformation Delivers Fruitful Results

To achieve digital transformation, enterprises must connect information “islands” commonly seen in traditional IT architectures to allow data sharing and management among different units. By enabling business based on big data analysis, enterprises can make decisions more wisely and can implement fine management. A series of digital transformation projects have brought tremendous value to the business of H3C and have contributed to a 30% annual increase in empowered business. The “CEO Dashboard” provides accurate and real-time data of sales, R&D, supply chain, HR and other departments of the whole group to facilitate strategic decisions. The mobile business order review and approval system reduces the cycle from 6 days to 2 days. In the field of production and procurement, fine monitoring based on big data enables the monitoring and early warning of violations. The intelligent supply chain system improves production efficiency and flexibility, and with this system OEMs can reduce the occurrence of quality issues caused by improper operations by more than 40% without the presence of on-site management personnel and engineers. Meanwhile, by sorting out and digitizing the job responsibilities and inter-departmental cooperation processes, the process management efficiency of key business lines has been improved by 30-40%.

Accelerating the Evolution of the Digital Brain Project

In the maturity model of digital transformation of H3C, the enterprise is divided into five stages: beginner, explorer, implementer, transformer and leader. Among them, the Leaders secure leading positions and exert a strong influence in the market. More importantly, they also adopt increasingly intelligent data application and business decision making systems, remain innovative, deepen organizational structure and business model reforms and lead other enterprises towards digital transformation.

While forging ahead with its Digital Brain Project, H3C has developed a complete intelligent digital platform based on efficient, reliable, flexible and agile digital infrastructure. In the meantime, it has created powerful digital middleware platform, smart AI middleware platform and flexible mobile middleware platform, enabling six intelligent applications, namely digital R&D, digital products, digital manufacturing, digital marketing, digital business and digital platforms. Recently, H3C has provided VDI-based remote R&D solutions to about 8,000 R&D staff around China. In the digital marketing field, it has used tools such as order review and approval robots, as well as order processing robots, to lower costs and increase efficiency. The use of order processing robots, which work 24/7, can shorten the average processing time per order from 9 hours to 8 minutes, improving efficiency by nearly 70 fold. In terms of digital business, H3C has developed intelligent algorithms based on machine learning to increase the accuracy rate of spare parts demand forecasts by more than 10%. It has realized digital manufacturing with end-to-end order visualization and intelligent production forecast systems. The roll-out of new functions such as intelligent contract review and intelligent resume matching has greatly improved the efficiency of platform business, and the launch of mobile office platforms has enabled employees to efficiently communicate and cooperate with each other in an innovative way anytime and anywhere.

So far, H3C has completed more than 200 internal digital transformation projects. By virtue of its own successful digital transformation from data-driven to intelligence-driven approaches, H3C has set a good example of digital innovation for its peers and produced a number of classic cases that are worth studying. Today, the transformation of H3C is still proceeding in an orderly manner through self-examination and challenges. Focusing on innovation, H3C will not only continue to act as a pioneer for digital transformation and seek to empower those in need, but also join hands with customers from various industries to dig deeper into digital transformation and drive the growth of China’s digital economy for a brighter future.

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